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Recent renovation works at the the Alhambra have sparked a concerned response from the local theatre goers. Ongoing works to replace the marble steps and theatre doors have prompted a flood of phone calls from concerned members of the public who have mistaken the boarded up doors for something more sinister! The reality could not be further from the truth as the Alhambra is currently in the grips of a major refurbishment to improve the facade and install a state of the art flying system that will bring the stage facilities in line with the best theatres in all of the UK

Simon Fletcher, Theatre Manager for the Alhambra commented 'Whilst we appreciate the concern shown, I can assure supporters of the Alhambra that we are here to stay! We deliberately kept most of May and June free to allow us the opportunity to make some significant improvements both in the foyer and on the stage. These works will allow us bring the best of the London West End touring shows to the Kingdom such as Grease and Chicago aswell as the opportunity to create spectacular effects for our huge big city pantomime Cinderella."

It is hoped that the Dunfermline Press will feature an article on the finished renovations with images in an upcoming edition over the next few weeks.

Posted on 28th May 2012

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