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Encouraging words of Support we have received :

Willie Rennie, Dunfermline and West Fife MP

"I am keen to support the restoration and reopening of The Alhambra. It is an important building that could become an outstanding community resource, a major attraction for the region and a symbol of the regeneration that is taking place in Dunfermline"


"What a great looking building, and a good size as well. Scotland could do with more good venues for music like this one, I'm sure it will be popular with both performers and audiences"

Mhora Samuel, Director of The Theatres Trust

"The Alhambra is a magnificent theatre and a landmark building for Dunfermline that now has a valuable opportunity be restored to its former glory. In addition to saving an important piece of heritage we have seen on numerous occasions how restoring a theatre like the Alhambra can bring significant economic and cultural benefit to a region"

Ken Oliver, Chairman of the City Centre Management Company, Dunfermline

“A refurbished and revitalised Alhambra will significantly improve Dunfermline’s cultural offer and this in turn will have a significant impact on the local economy. It would be great to see the venue brought back into use for it’s original purpose”.

Film-maker, television presenter and former Skids frontman Richard Jobson

"What a fantastic opportunity for Dunfermline to come out of the artistic shadow of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and other Scottish cities to establish a reputation for itself as a major cultural centre"

Dunfermline City Centre Manager, Susan Hughes

"The centre of Dunfermline is undergoing a real transformation at present and The Alhambra may well be the icing on the cake. An attractive, vibrant and popular venue in the heart of Dunfermline will make a huge contribution to the cultural and economic well-being of the region"

Linda DiGabriele, Managing Director, Asolo Repertory Theatre

"As the proud caretakers of the Dunfermline Opera House, we encourage all communities to find ways to preserve these theatrical and architectural treasures. In 2003 we held a centennial celebration for the theatre where thousands of visitors came to view the lovingly restored interior and learn of its history as a grand opera house. It is sad to see any historic theatre destroyed, and we applaud your efforts to preserve the Alhambra for Dunfermline and future generations."

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